Cupcake Diversity

Program Name: Cupcake Diversity
Program By: Hannah Hebberd, Steph Martella, Hayley Armstrong
Target Number of People:
Number of Participants: 20
Cost: $75


Advertisement: This can include flyers, individual invitations and most importantly, word of mouth.

Shopping: Ingredients for the program need to be purchased. This includes cupcake mix and toppings as well as paper products. Amount of ingredients can be at the discretion of the staff member. We used things such as: Oreo Cookies, Sprinkles, Gummy Bears, Nilla Wafers, etc.

Preparation: Day before program, cupcakes need to be made. We were able to use two ovens, and it went fairly quickly to make four boxes worth of cupcakes.

During Program:

The purpose of this program is to make your residents aware of how different each individual can be, without you even realizing it. It is a way to create an appreciation for these differences in a fun, colorful and tasty way.

How the program works:

1) Each person starts by picking out their favorite type of cupcake for decoration. We had vanilla, chocolate, Fun-fetti, red velvet, lemon and gluten free.

2) Choose a Frosting: Our different colored frostings represented hobbies. Each person picked a frosting based off of a hobby that best represented themselves. We had Athetics, Art, Music, etc.

These first two steps were primarily for the residents to warm up to the activity and give them an opportunity to get some talking out of their system before the activity got a little more serious. Students were then asked to keep their comments to the end of the program for the rest of the activity.

3) Different toppings are laid out across the room with different signs on each treat. For example, we had different toppings that were representing Money, Race, Ethnicity, Family, Sexual Orientation, Rural vs. Urban and Relationship Status.

4) Some critical thinking questions were asked of the group. Some of these questions include:

Which one of these things is most important to you?

Which one of these things would you like to learn more about?

Which one of these things would you like to spend less time worrying about?

Which one of these things would you like to spend more time worrying about?

If you were to only pick one topping to think about for the rest of you life, which one would it be? Do you think that it is a good thing to only have only one topping?

Questions can be altered for the need of each group. These were only some of them.

The group was then asked to contribute their thoughts on the activity and what they gained from participating.

5) Take additional cupcakes and let them decorate them however they want, then enjoy!

Post Program:

Appropriate Paperwork: Receipt Sheets, Participation Forms, etc.