Love yo’ self

Program by: Amber Brusak & Heather Barnes
Target Number of People: Floor
Number of Participants: Floor
Cost: $0


  • Use butcher paper to cover the mirrors in the bathrooms and label them with “positive” categories to write about body image.
  • Print out inspirational quotes.
  • Warn the janitors that you’re covering up the mirrors.
  • Buy markers and hang them by the papers.

During Program:

  • Encourage people to write stuff on the butcher papers.
  • Make sure everyone is included/ mentioned.
  • People were encouraged to participate in “Fancy Friday”, which was just encouraging everyone to dress how they feel empowered.

Post Program:

  • Clean-up.
  • Move butcher paper into the halls so that people can look at the stuff throughout the year.
  • Participation list.